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By drysealroof24224061, Jun 16 2016 09:23PM

Most Iowans like myself enjoy a big storm on the horizon. The beautiful aw-inspiring shelf clouds that roll in like something out of a James Cameron movie. We sit out on our patios ignoring the warnings from the news until those first few cold raindrops hit our dry clothes and sends us inside secure and protected our homes. We look out our windows and gaze at the turbulent sky as it rolls on through. Lightning and thunder rock the house. Then all at once the heavens release its fury. Our vulnerability to the storm finally settles in as the white noise of steady rain turns to sudden bangs of hail.

We never really think about the roof over our heads until we feel vulnerable in a storm, or see a problem that seems to creep in overnight. Like many things, you don't know what you have until its gone. When we actually think about hail falling from the sky at 80-90mph, or approximately 650 gallons of water falling on your roof within an hour we thank the roof over our heads.

By guest, May 14 2016 03:32PM

This is a brand new blog! This blog is for our community, neighbors, friends, handymen, or anyone interested in a new way of doing things. We want to tell stories, educate, imagine and create posts that you don't read to your child to fall asleep. I like mind blowing facts, (yes, theres mind blowing facts in construction!). We will discuss anything and everything related to the skillful trade of exterior construction.

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